November 12, 2015


Why The Duster Jacket Is Always in Fashion

Want an amazing accessory that will go from noon to night and season to season without missing a beat? Try a duster jacket—a wardrobe staple that will never go out of style and it's always in fashion. Dusters have been around longer than any other fashion item and they’ve continued to play a starring role in the discriminating woman’s wardrobe since they first debuted.

From Humble Beginnings Dusters Soon Became a Wardrobe Staple
Originally created in the 1800s to help cowboys keep their clothes free from trail dust, dusters were long sleeved, full length coats made from coarse canvas. A slit up the back enabled cowboys to wear dusters while riding horseback. Fast forward to the late 1900s and the invention of the first automobile. Those same dusters soon became a staple for men and women driving dusty country roads in their horseless carriages. Those who could afford automobiles made quite a scene robed in dusters, goggles, caps and kerchiefs to keep their clothing looking presentable while viewing the countryside.

From Movie Stars and Presidents' Wives, to Secretaries and Stay-at-Home Moms: They All Adored Dusters
In the 1950s and 60s, duster jackets became all the rage when movie stars like Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Debbie Reynolds donned the loosely fitted garment as an elegant covering over form fitting evening gowns. The look of a free flowing full length duster over a revealing, skin-tight formal gown was both breathtaking and intriguing and heightened the drama of walking down the Red Carpet on Oscar night.

The late Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, wife of 35th President John F. Kennedy, made the duster jacket a venerated symbol of feminine charm and stately elegance while serving as America’s First Lady from 1961 to her husband’s tragic assassination in 1963. Many of her regal outfits included a duster jacket over knee length or formal sheaths, capris, or straight skirts. Jackie often paired a duster jacket suit with a pillbox hat, long gloves, and designer pumps. Soon, every woman in America was wearing a duster jacket to emulate the First Lady.

What Makes the Duster An Enduring Fashion Accessory?
Quite simply, it's the simple cut. Falling gracefully from the shoulders with three-quarter or full length sleeves, a duster is a perfect outer garment for almost any figure type. Its body skimming silhouette not only hides a less than perfect shape, but also makes any outfit look pulled together and elegant. Three quarter or seven-eighths length sleeves are also adept at hiding the upper arm. It’s a perfect cover up that can go from casual to formal depending on the fabric. Ladies love wearing duster jackets over jeans, dress slacks, skirts or dresses.

The silhouette of a duster jacket can be designed with subtle changes to its neckline—from a classic Peter Pan or cowl to the more modern funnel or Nehru style. The overall appearance of a duster can also be changed with the addition of buttons—large or small, glitzy or plain. More formal styles exclude buttons and can be worn open to reveal a stunning garment underneath.

What Makes Dusters So Versatile?
A duster jacket’s versatility is in the fabric. Its signature T shape goes with nearly any fashion design; but the fabric makes it malleable. A formal cover up can be designed in luxurious silks, shimmering brocades, and sumptuous satin. Trendy fabrics like faux leather, faded or distressed denim, sheer voile, or gold or silver lame bring the duster into the twenty-first century and beyond.

Looking for a less formal look? Choose textured cotton pique, polished cotton sateen, or a lightweight seersucker for hot summer days. Animal prints, patchwork designs, French boucle and Italian knits are also popular. You can even turn a duster jacket into a bright and breezy raincoat constructed from polka dotted vinyl or oil cloth. The design possibilities are unlimited.

How to Wear a Duster Jacket
Since today’s duster jackets have a straight or flared silhouette, it’s best to pair them with a more streamlined pant or skirt. Pencil skirts are a perfect complement to the larger shape of a duster. Choose a long or short form fitting skirt with straight lines for a dramatic and sophisticated style. Pants should also be straight legged and tailored to offset the sometimes dramatic flair of a duster jacket. Leggings are a good choice, but make sure the jacket discreetly covers the rear. Never pair a duster with wide legged or bell bottomed pants or full skirts; too much of a flare on the top and bottom tend to add extra pounds.

Where to Find Duster Jackets
Shop online for duster jackets in your favorite color, fabric or pattern. If you plan to wear the jacket as an outer garment, select a larger size to fit over a blouse or sweater. Handy with a sewing machine? Save money and customize your jacket by making it yourself. Look for an easy-to-sew duster jacket pattern and choose fabric and notions that will make your outfit one that’s versatile, timeless and always in style.
October 19, 2015


Why Do Women Choose to Buy Designer Clothing?

With so many options available for different materials, styles, patterns and brands at numerous stores found everywhere, some people wonder why anyone would choose to buy designer clothing when you can easily find a similar knockoff item for a much lower price. Contrary to popular belief, purchasing designer clothing is not always all about the impression that the designer label leaves others with and being able to say "I can afford to treat myself." Here are five incredibly good reasons that people do (and should) choose the designer labels over cheap knockoffs. 

1. You Radiate Confidence and Success

We all know that when we believe we look good, we feel good. Well, this is the beginning of a rather large snowball effect. When you look good, you feel good; when you feel good, it shows. You tend to walk around with an air of confidence that nothing and no one can take away from you. Those who show more confidence are proven to be more likely to already be, or become, successful and happy in all areas of their life. Everyone feels good in designer clothing. The designer clothes amplify that air of confidence and, therefore, success. Whether you are already confident, successful and where you want to be, or you are on your way there, designer clothing and accessories gives everyone the impression that you are confident, in control and ready to succeed at whatever you choose to set your mind to.

2. The Quality is Well Worth the Price

When you see someone wearing designer clothes, you know that their shirt, pants, purse, other article of clothing or accessory is undoubtedly well made. All of the best designers pay painstakingly close attention to everything, even the tiniest of details. They choose materials that are durable, comfortable and look fantastic. The stitching in everything is as close to perfection as possible. Designer clothing is specifically created to stand the test of time. If you look closely, you can see how much thought was put into it and how well put together each and every article of clothing is.

Even better- when you wear designer clothing, you can feel it. You can feel how well made, comfortable and truly luxurious it really is. Designer clothing costs more because they choose to use finer materials and meticulously construct each detail in order to give you that luxurious feel of quality, confidence and success. When you buy designer clothing, you're not just paying for a label with a nice reputation, you are paying for the hard work, creativity and quality they put into everything that they make.

3. Designer Clothing Is Considered to be Collectable

There are so many different qualities of designer clothing that gives some people a burning desire to collect it. From the quality with which it is made to the uniqueness and genuine creativity of the designer, why wouldn't you want to collect these trendsetting items at the forefront of fashion? Some people choose to collect handbags, shoes or accessories from a particular line. These people tend to prefer designer products for their quality; they want something that will last for years to come and they know where to go for the reliable durability that they desire.

Also, many name brand designers like to create limited edition clothing, handbag, shoe and/or accessory lines. These lines are particularly unique, offering you the possibility of being one of the few lucky people who get to wear these items. Limited edition items are even more likely to begin a trend. Due to their limited availability and high demand, other brands and labels are likely to follow the footsteps of a name brand. If you buy the items straight from the limited edition, you will be able to say that you have a true original.

4. Today's Designer Items are the Heirlooms of Tomorrow

If you find an old, plain white t-shirt from the 1960's at a thrift store or a place like Goodwill, you're not likely to be excited. Chances are, you will walk by without a second glance, never even knowing it was from the sixties. However, if you were to find a genuine Victorian era corset, a flappers dress from the 1920's or bellbottoms from the 1970's, you're likely to be more excited. Many people would at least consider buying them.

These articles of clothing are the kinds of things that young girls, women and even some med alike want to find in their mother's closet, their grandmothers garage or the great grandmothers attic. Twenty years from now, no one is going to be excited over the Wal-Mart brand dress in your closet, the faded, ripped jeans from Goodwill in your bottom drawer or your off-brand old tennis shoes under a table in the corner. No, what people will want to find and will find interesting are the trendsetting accessories, limited edition lines and high quality, top end, iconic styles created by the best designers of today.

5. You are Supporting Creative Thinkers, Creators and Their Ideas

When you choose to purchase designer clothing, you are supporting an artist. A clothing designer is an artist just as any painter, sketcher, graphic designer or performer is an artist. Clothing designers choose decorative beads, sequins and patterns as their paint, cloth materials as their canvas and a sowing needle as their paint brush. Fashion designers are constantly challenged to think outside of the box in order to create the next big thing of the fashion industry. They sometimes have to choose to do something crazy, unexpected and different. When they choose to do so, they risk judgment by their peers, their coworkers and customers across the country or even around the world.

When you purchase their clothing, you are saying "Hello, I like what you did and I appreciate all of your hard work and the chances you take. In fact, I like what you did so much that I am going to buy it, I'm going to wear it and I'm going to show others that I support you and what you do." If you appreciate artwork in other areas; such as painting, furniture, beautiful architecture or a stunning musical performance, you are likely to appreciate the creativity that a fashion designer brings to their work (your clothing) every single day. Whether you choose to purchase designer clothing for the feeling of confidence, the quality, collectability, future heirlooms, or the creativity, just know that you are getting all of that and so much more.

September 30, 2015


Top 15 Up-and-Coming Fashion Trends

fashion trends

For fashionistas who simply must have the latest luxurious looks, there are 15 new up-and-coming fashion trends on the horizon that you won't want to miss. By becoming an "early adopter" of these new incoming trends, you will have the enjoyment of watching others in your wider circles begin to emulate your signature style. Browse through these 15 up-and-coming fashion trends and pick your favorites!

Trend #1: Back to the Future

Being truly fashionably timeless requires not just referencing the classics of old but wrapping in the present and future as well. In London, fall fashions are taking a decidedly futuristic turn, with bold block colors in boxy patterns over black or white backgrounds - shape-shifting from yesterday and today into tomorrow with effortless, form-fitting grace.

Trend #2: Glitterati on Display

Forget understated elegance - it would seem high fashion is starting to celebrate the holidays early this year with an abundance of sparkly, shiny fabrics over or underlaid with lace, rich fur and other lush accents.

Trend #3: Comfy, Shiny Feet

Finally, at long last, ladies will have a chance to wear the latest in high fashion footwear that is also comfy and safe to walk in - wow! Dubbed "lady loafers" by Elle magazine, these cool shoes feature raucous patterns, bold colors and safe wedge heels!

Trend #4: Skirts with Fun Personalities.

From "car wash" pleats to flounces and flirts, the next wave of fashionable skirts and dresses features hemlines your smile will buy for you.

Trend #5: Dusting comes out of the closet.

Dusters are on the horizon - but not in the way you might think. The duster jacket is continuing to rock runways in a slow but steady evolution that pairs perfectly with the "high fashion comfort" theme that seems so "in" this season.

Trend #6: Power grey.

For reasons too obvious to point out, "power grey" is coming into its own in a big way in the months ahead. In one of the season's few monochromatic style offerings, you will find power grey in every, well, shade available - as well as in every luxurious fabric under the sun.

Trend #7: Bombs away!

The bomber jacket is paired with combat boots for a winter look that is both weather- and bullet-proof. This incredible combo will pair well with nearly any look from its basic black beginnings.

Trend #8: The Return of the Flare

At one time they may have been called "bell bottoms." But today, the red carpet welcomes these classics in a new incarnation dubbed "the flare." From ultra-casual jeans to executive office slacks, the flare look easily accommodates both winter's boots and spring's sandals - and just about anything else you'd like to pair with them.

Trend #9: Rotating ears.

If you can think back fondly to the time when wearing two different kinds of earrings - one in each ear - was hot, you'll be raring to go in the next few months as couture on down welcomes the "statement earring" (as in, deliberately singular). With one big earring and one spare ear, you can always swap it back and forth if you choose a heavier style.

Trend #10: Carry it all in style.

Another happily stylish yet practical twist comes to us in the form of the "carry all" bag - a shoulder bag big enough for everything the stylish gal needs for a whole day away but still light enough to carry with ease.

Trend #11: These aren't your momma's hosiery.

Call them "hose," call them "tights," call them anything that feels right, but they are coming back to us with funky new colors and styles, in big boned knits and silky soft sheens, to be paired with long and short styles alike.

Trend #12: Party like it is 1970.

Today's futurists meet up with those nostalgic for the funky 70's and discover an epic fashion mashup in the making. With new names and new twists on old classics, the denim, fluff and fringe makes friends with the flare, the flirt and the fashionably glittery for a look uniquely its own.

Trend #13: Leather forever.

Leather and faux (plus occasionally real) fur is making a comeback as well - and just in time for the chilly temperatures to arrive!

Trend #14: The modern Victorian.

If you love a good Victorian romance, now you can dress the part with a modern update to this timelessly classic look. High necklines, high waists, rich and intricate fabrics give you that royal appeal.

Trend #15: The Pan-cultural prototype.

As our wide, wide world becomes increasingly small, different cultures come together to collaborate on eye-popping fashions that factor us all in.

September 10, 2015


The Top High End Fashion Stores in America

High end fashion has taken to the online universe, but sometimes, a girl just wants to try on those thigh high boots in the flesh. They say runway fashion has never been more accessible, but where does one shop exactly? Explore the top 7 high end fashion stores across America, so you can add the latest, high end styles to your everyday wardrobe.


Range Boutique is a fashion oasis where laid back California fashion meets southern charm. Styles and designs are inspired by the boho-chic look that is all the rage in the sunny, west coast state. Pair Level 99 Liza skinny jeans with a Chaser tee and an Ingrid Ysla necklace. Shop shoes, jewelry, denims, and skirts in this cool boutique or visit them online at You can also browse their style blog for the latest deals, style news, and featured items. This boutique is perfect for those wishing to update their wardrobe on a budget. Every piece is under $300, so it's hard to go wrong at this trendy spot.

6. JEFFREY: New York, NY

These high-end, polished, and professional styles will make any woman swoon. It's hard to pick a place to start with designers like Givenchy, Alexander Mcqueen, and Saint Laurent. From handbags to leggings, Jeffrey offers just about any piece of designer fashion that a girl could want. Shop online or visit their stores in New York, NY and Atlanta, GA. Try on a pair of suede, Louboutin ankle boots just in time for fall, or throw on a Stella McCartney cape style coat this winter. If you're feeling generous, pick up something for the man in your life by browsing the men's designer collection as well. Online at


Maine may feel remote, but it certainly is current with its fashion. This quaint shop is located in downtown Portland, and artfully blends true Americana vibes with designer quality. Keep your designer denim stateside by checking out these American fashion icons. Look for recognizable names such as J.W. Hulme Co., Citizens of Humanity, and The Frye Company. Stacked heel ankle boots and luxuriously soft leather tote bags are just a few of the items that make this boutique a hidden gem. Not planning a trip up the coast anytime soon? No need to worry because you can find their entire catalog online at


Pinkies out, ladies. Who said fashion just had to be clothes? These dainty pieces adorn the pinky finger, bringing back vintage style in new, whimsical colors. Not everything is bigger in Texas, but these petite rings from David Yurman will definitely make a big statement. Set in 18K yellow gold, each limited edition ring comes in one of five brilliant shades. They are even infused with fragrance oil, so you can look and smell oh so sophisticated. The candy-inspired pinky rings are sure to make your ensemble pop with color. Shop this designer's wide selection at Browse the necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to find the piece that best fits your style.

3. BARNEYS NY: New York, NY

There may be a reason Fashion Week is held in New York. Hit the street with confidence in posh style with modern flare. There is nothing antiquated about classic, high end fashion, and it will never fade with changes in trend. Perhaps that is why Barneys styles have lasted through the years. These pieces are hard to beat with high quality dresses, blazers, shoes, and bags. Explore the two-story, warehouse style boutique that feels more like a department store. For a casual, sophisticaed look, go with Rag & Bone trousers and pair with an Isable Marant blouse and Valentino flats. Show off your edgy side with an Alexander Want ensemble. Regardless of your style muse, you will never be sad you went to Barney's.

2. COURAGE b: New York, NY

The brother-sister duo founded this French-inspired shop in 2009. COURAGE b's fashion selection features quality tops, dresses, outwear, accessories, handbags, and more, so you can be clothed in luxury from head to toe. For a more relaxing fit, peruse the Nomi collection which is currently buy one, get one 50% off. COURAGE b's designer clothes appeal to a variety of lifestyle demands whether you are meeting a friend for brunch, or dashing off to that office meeting. Their Fall collection blends "an active lifestyle with an effortlessly chic wardrobe" according to expert designer and stylist, Noemie Goureau. Locations are primarily on the East coast, but you can also find storefronts in Illinois and Colorado. Shop online to access these trends no matter where you are located. Visit to see the latest styles and trends.

1. MIMI NOLA: New Orleans, LA

These outfits would make any Sex and The City vixen turn green with envy. We're talking about those hot pink stilettos and the ultra hot handbag. This boutique isn't like those other tiny stores where you stand shoulder to shoulder with other fashion lovers. Instead, you can stretch your legs in this warehouse style shop that spans over 5,000 square feet, and doubles as a bridal boutique. They carry the best of Vera Wang for a bride's special day, but don't forget about those sexy pencil skirts and belted dresses for the other days of the year. You can have it all and leave New Orleans feeling like the queen of the quarter. Shop online at


As fall approaches, resist the urge to hang onto last year's trends. Fashion is always evolving, and you can evolve with it. Instead, purge your wardrobe and look to these top 7 high end fashion stores for inspiration. Take charge of your style, and draw on designers from across the globe. Luxurious, high end, designer quality pieces will set your style apart from all the rest. Visit any of these boutiques to get hands-on styling advice, or simply visit each website to purchase your new designer pieces.
September 08, 2015


7 Horrible Fashion Mistakes You're Making With Your Wardrobe

Are you a woman who loves to get dressed up? Do you always want to look your best no matter where you are going? If you love to look beautiful, then follow our guide of the seven mistakes many women make with their wardrobes. You don't have to spend all of your hard-earned money on high fashion dresses and women's accessories. You don't have to invest in designer clothes for women. With a little research and planning, you can create sweet and stylish outfits that keep you off the "worst dressed" list wherever you may go. Here's what you need to know to make the perfect picks from your closet:

Mistake #1: Wearing a Belt Too High on Your Torso

When you wear a belt -- wide or skinny -- too high on your torso, instead of at the appropriate place on your waist, then you will give your body the look of being pregnant. Unless you are expecting, you really want to avoid this look. If the belt is too close beneath your breast line, then move it down a few inches closer to your waistline. In the same way, wearing a belt too low below your waistline will give your torso the appearance of being elongated. This can look good on some people, but it also depends on your height and the length of your torso. Always be aware of the placement of your belt.

Mistake #2: Purchasing Petite Dresses When You're Not Petite

Sometimes women who are a small size -- such as a 0, 2 or 4 -- and who are on the cusp of a petite height also can easily wear petite sizes. However, petite sizes made to fit the frames of women who are five feet and four inches and under. If you are on the edge of this height, you can try petite sizes. However, make sure the dress isn't too short and that the dress doesn't cut off your torso. These are too common problems with regular-sized women wearing petite sizes.

Mistake #3: Wearing Clunky Necklaces Under Your Collar

While wearing clunky costume jewelry necklaces beneath a crisp shirt collar once was in style, now it's fading quickly. This fall, avoid placing those necklaces beneath your shirt collar. Instead, try them with a simple sheath dress. Consider a longer, lighter necklace for your collared shirts.

Mistake #4: Wearing Your Skirts Too Short or Too Long

You want to feel as comfortable as possible when you are wearing a skirt, so the first rule of thumb when testing out a skirt is to sit down in it in from of a mirror. Can you cross your legs? Is the fabric stretched snuggly across your thighs to the point it make the skirt look too small? Can you bend over without bearing it all? You want to make sure your short skirts are in fact just short enough without creating any of theses problems. In the same light, you want to make sure your skirts are not too long based upon your frame. For example, if you are a petite woman, then a tea-length skirt is going to make you look shorter and stockier than a skirt that hits right at your knee.

Mistake #5: Purchasing Sizes That Are Too Big

The oversize look is still in style, but you want to make sure you are not purchasing your loose and flowing clothing too big. You can pull this outfit off when your clothing is just a size above your normal size. You don't want your coat arms dwarfing your hands or your sweater falling off the sides of your shoulder, for example.

Mistake #6: Donning Too Much Bling

Bling can be fun and gorgeous, but too much sparkling jewelry can be overkill. Pick your pieces wisely. If you are wearing a loud pair of earrings, then go more lightly on your necklace. Wear a sparkly chunky bracelet, and make that your sole statement piece. You get the idea. Less is more when it comes to jewelry pairings that only light up the darkness!

Mistake #7: Letting Your Underwear Play Peek-a-Boo

You can have the most gorgeous designer duds, but if you are showing off your underwear with them, then you might as well not put any effort into it. Invest in the right undergarment items for your outfits. If you're going with a strapless dress, then invest in a good strapless bra. If you have an outfit that is slightly see-through, then consider wearing a camisole or slip. Invest in a convertible bra that lets you adapt the undergarment to fit different dresses and shirts.

Are you ready to dazzle? Keep our handy guide in mind as you put together your best outfits. Avoid these seven wardrobe malfunctions, and you'll be on your way to getting compliments from everyone you meet. It takes just a little time and practice to put together the perfect outfit, no matter your budget.

August 25, 2015


24 Hours to Improving Your Fashion Sense

In less than 24 hours, it is entirely possible to improve your fashion sense, if not completely redefine it. It may seem like a mystifying impossibility from the outset, but with some simple tricks and tips, but this time timeline tomorrow you can be as fierce as Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. First and foremost, you need to trust yourself. If something doesn't make you feel like the queen you are, then it's not up to par.

Secondly, never say "I can't…" or "I shouldn't…" when it comes down to whether or not a certain style will work for you. If you like it and you feel good in it, then you can and you should! Fashion sense is a marriage between what is current and what works personally. Familiarize yourself with both of these things, and you'll be golden.

Learn Your Body Type

The number one thing that will turn your fashion sense around within one revolution on the earth's axis is determining your body type. The mistake made by many women when it comes to their couture is selecting trending pieces designed for a different body type. Are you an apple? Pear? Tall and leggy or short and muscular? Whatever your shape, there are clothes designed to maximize your curves and make you look as drop-dead gorgeous as you feel.

Don't cut yourself off at the knees by completely reworking your wardrobe with new, fashionable clothes only to discover that they don't compliment your shape. Just because a certain article is fashionable in general doesn't mean it should be a part of your personal fashion.

Explore Your Color Pallette

Another thing you can do within 24 hours is brush up your color knowledge. There are warm and cool skin tones, and while most women know that plays a role in makeup selection, many ignore the role it plays in clothing selection. Don't pet this hold you back, however; it's often said that redheads only look good in neutral colors or blondes only look good in pastels. This is a complete myth! As is the idea that people with ruddier complexions shouldn't wear red or pink.

Work with your natural color pallette, but don't let it hold you back. When it comes to fashion, color is like an outfit's soul. Familiarize yourself with how wearing different colors not only make you look but also how they make you feel. Some colors, like red, might be trendy, but they might also make you feel too much like the center of attention. Clothing color plays as much of a role in feeling comfortable as the cut and texture of the clothing do.

Knowing your personal pallette also impacts accessory selection. Some people do better with natural stone jewellery over gems; cotton purses over leather; silver over gold. Pay attention to these small elements as they also play a role in your color palette.

Express Your Personality

The sexiest, most confident women are the ones who cater their exterior style to their interior style. Dressing in a way that compliments your personality is an instant fashion win. The more comfortable you feel in your clothes, the more confidence you exude, the more successful you are at pulling off your fashionable outfit. It's hard to be comfortable in something that doesn't mesh with your personality. That said, if you're looking to achieve mainstream fashion sense, you might need to set aside some of your personality. Not every single aspect of who you are and how you feel can be represented in clothing. Finding a middle ground is important. 

Purchase Wardrobe Staples

Little black dresses; red pumps; strappy heels; the jeans that make your legs go on for days. There are certain things every wardrobe needs. Finding those items will bring you one step closer to redefining your fashion sense within 24 hours. A killer jacket is a must. It can be added to several different outfits, it's a practical article of clothing, and it turns casual into fabulous. Plus, jackets are an every-season article of clothing.

Cool summer evenings, crisp fall nights, brisk winter days, and rainy spring mornings, a jacket always has your back. Also a must are a pair of flats. Jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts- flats compliment them all. Flats also give your toes a break from the regular fashion go-to, high heels. Another staple that's working it's way back into the mainstream is the hat. A nice, wide-brimmed, floppy hat is a practical, fashionable element to add to your repertoire stat!

Have Go-To Combinations

When building a fashionable wardrobe within 24 hours, don't forget to purchase the building blocks necessary for cohesive outfits. The key to achieving A+ fashion sense is knowing what looks good together.

Test your abilities at a store with a friend. Work on pairing various articles and see what the friend thinks. Then, purchase the pieces that work well with more than one thing. It's nice to go into your closet knowing you can find there a pair of pants, jacket, shirt, and shoes that you bought expressly to go together. It's even better when those items can also belong to four separate and equally fashionable outfits.


Having high fashion purses, earrings, watches, belts, and shoes take any outfit from drab to fab in a heartbeat. If you have a Coach purse on your arm or Jimmy Choos on your feet, no one will question whether or not you're style-savvy.

Stellar, eye-catching accessories carry a single outfit a long way, and they're easy to swap out to keep your look fresh. They are also a great way to make the same piece of clothing look entirely different. The same shirt worn with three different scarves or necklaces will be rendered entirely new each time.

Discover What the Stars Are Flaunting

A great way to expose yourself to new trends in designer clothes for women is to pick up a celebrity magazine. Take some time to see what the stars are wearing. Photos of them out and about at semi-casual and moderately-formal events provide awesome reference material for what you can sport in your day-to-day life. Celebrities typically have an entire team of people picking out what they're going to wear. This means they are tapped directly into the vein of high fashion.

Cut and Color to Match

During your 24 hour fashion transformation, take time for part of your wardrobe that's always with you: your hair. A cut and color updates your look immediately, and just like with clothing, there are trends in hair styling as well.

All of the essentials that come with updating clothing accompany updating hair fashion. Check in with celebrities to see what's cutting edge, pick something that feels authentically "you," and buy some cute hair accessories to keep things interesting day-to-day.

From Tip to Toe

Last but not least, polish your fingers and toes! Like classy belt buckles, adorable purses, and small hair pins, polishing your fingers and toes are a small fashionable touch that wrap up your 24 hour fashion makeover. It's the little things that make the biggest difference in the world of fashion.

Keep Pushing Your Boundaries

Once you've gone on this 24 hour quest to improve your fashion sense, don't stop there. Fashion is a shifting, changing thing; stay tuned in by way of the channels you've found over the past 24 hours. Keep expanding your interests and broadening your horizons. Get bolder and more daring and more comfortable when it comes to making fashion choices.

In 24 hours you can learn what's hot in Hollywood, determine some facts about your body type and color palette, pick out some essentials, plan outfits, and pull everything together with accessories. Now, you can look fabulous and implement your new sensibilities for years to come!

August 18, 2015


5 Clothing Staples Every Fashion Conscious Woman Should Have

They say the clothes make the man. This is doubly true for women. Women have more choices available to them, thus more things to say about themselves. Your clothes tell other people important things about you before you ever open your mouth. If you want to be taken seriously in life, make sure your clothes speak well of you.

1. A Great Handbag

For most women, their handbag is the equivalent of a man's briefcase. A good quality handbag that holds all that you need it to hold, keeps it organized, and helps you get through the day effectively is not just a fashion accessory. It is a real asset to help you manage your life. Make sure you treat it with the respect it deserves. Don't let it get to worn looking. A tattered and torn bag that has seen better days does not speak well of you. Make sure to replace it and upgrade it at least once a year, more often if your life is very hard on your bags.

Although some women change their bag almost as often as they change their outfit, this can make a woman look flighty. It can make her look like she has nothing better to do. If you have better things to do than move all your important items to different high fashion purses every day, then choosing the right handbag is an important event. A good quality handbag should be one you think about seriously, choose carefully, and are willing to spend a reasonable sum of money on.

A well chosen, classic bag or even quirky signature look that is all yours should readily serve you on a daily basis without being changed out for daily wear. Of course, it is appropriate to have other purses for coordinating with special occasion wear. No matter how great the bag, a regular bag just won't pair properly with a ball gown or wedding attire. For those occasions, go ahead and get a special bag just for that special occasion. The rest of the time, carry one great bag that helps you accomplish all the important things you need to do in life and look great doing them.

If you aren't sure what kind of bag you need, a classic leather clutch in a neutral color is a good bet. It can go with anything and look good doing so. It sometimes will even work well with evening wear.

2. A Few Good Dresses

Formal wear is generally done in a style of a previous era. Thus, these days, any dress reads as just a little bit old fashioned. This means that if you want to be taken seriously, you really should have a few good designer dresses in your wardrobe. They will immediately read as more formal and serious than the skirt and top equivalent. It will immediately signal you that you are the right kind of people and a force to be taken seriously.

A classic, conservative cut of dress can be excellent office wear or just the thing to wear when meeting with your banker or anyone with whom you need to have a serious conversation. Make sure to wear a bit of a heel with it. You don't necessarily want a high heel, but flats will not show off a dress to its best advantage. This is a basic expectation.

For other occasions, something trendy and au courant can be just the thing to say what you want to say about yourself. Make sure people know you keep up with the news, you are aware of what is going on the world, and you haven't lost touch. This is the subtle way to say that without ever opening your mouth. It is a form of female power play. Do not underestimate how useful it can be to have a trendy dress as part of the lexicon of your clothing vocabulary.

We have the expression "little black dress" for a reason. If you cannot quite decide where to start, a little black dress in a classic style is a great first choice. A second dress that is trendier should be your second choice.

3. A Mix of Classic and Fashion Forward Tops

Every woman should have a few classic, conservative tops, such as cashmere sweaters and silk blouses. These are standard fare and can be counted upon to send the right signals. They go pair well with the right skirts, pants and sometimes even dresses. They are comfortable and make you look great.

However, do not forget to have some trendier pieces in your selection of tops. Tops tend to be one of the more affordable elements of a wardrobe. They also tend to wear out relatively quickly. They need to be washed frequently and this can really take its toll.

Thus, tops are more fleeting elements of your wardrobe. This makes them an area where you want to be more on top of trends and have a few options that are more trendy than classy. It will give you a great deal of flexibility.

This means you can use this area to be more playful. You can take more chances. You can express your personality a bit. You can try things out and see what works for you. Classic tops should be a staple of every woman's wardrobe. Trendy tops should also be a staple. You never know which new thing will become a fast friend and your new old faithful.

Make sure to have at least one silk blouse. Then grab something eye catching of a sort you haven't had before. You won't regret being playful here.

4. Excellent Pants

Pants give a woman options for a full and active life that didn't exist in previous eras. However, it is still important for them to look good and fit well. Designer pants with classic styling in classic colors are always an asset, but make sure you know what looks good on you as an individual. Taller women especially need to make sure the cut doesn't leave them looking like their pants shrank in the wash cycle. Check your look thoroughly in a full length mirror if possible. A three-way mirror is better still for gauging if it looks right from all directions.

An excellent pair of pants should be comfortable and fit properly. They shouldn't be too tight. They shouldn't bind when you try to move. They should have usable pockets. They should have quality detailing, such as real bone or wood buttons and zippers that stay shut. A lady doesn't want to accidentally discover she is giving the world an eyeful because her garments didn't stay buttoned up or zipped up.

Under the right circumstance, a nice pair of leather pants can be a great statement piece. Obviously, leather pants are not office wear. However, the office is not the only place where you want to dress to impress. Sometimes, there are other situations where you want to impress people in all the right ways. Leather pants can be just the right mix of respectability and sizzle to win the kind of attention you are seeking.

With the right jacket, pants can become a suit and part of a serious wardrobe. Without a jacket, they can be more playful, more carefree. A good pair of wool pants in winter or linen pants in summer makes a great wardrobe staple.

5. An Awesome Jacket

Jackets can be tricky to choose, but a good jacket is absolutely a wardrobe essential. They can be a power dressing move while pretending to just be intended to keep you warm.

A great jacket should have coloring that really flatters your natural coloring. It should play well with the rest of your outfit while somewhat standing on its own. It should be appropriate to the situation. Some situations call for a sporty jacket. Others call for a more designer jacket.

This second layer is one many women get wrong. Just as handbags require a bit of extra thought, so do designer jackets. They really are important pieces and what they say about you speaks volumes.

A good jacket will have quality details. It will not be too out of date. It will be something that fits you well. The shoulder seam should hit right at your shoulder. It should come with extra buttons. It can be a plain solid color or it can have a pattern. Patterned jackets will generally pair better with plain outfits. Plain jackets are generally more flexible, but the right patterned jacket can be a statement piece that really turns heads and sets you apart from the crowd. It can really get all eyes on you the minute you enter a room or are spotted from a distance on the street.

If you choose carefully, your jacket can pair with your classic pants for a suit look. A suit is always a staple of a power dressing wardrobe.

Remember to have fun with it. Fashion says important things about you, but you should also enjoy your clothes.