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9 High Fashion Designer Brands Killing It Right Now

July 13, 2015

Turning heads is only one element of fashion, and style is fashion on a whole other level. Being on trend can be fun, but maintaining style can take a little work. When it comes to stepping out in style, here is a top 10 list worthy of taking note. From classic elements to trendy inspirations, these top brands are making waves from the runways to the streets. From denim to dresses, this is the top 10 list everyone woman needs this year...in alphabetical order:

1. Alexander Wang
3. Fendi
4. Juicy Couture
5. Lanvin
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs
7. Michael Kors
8. Stella McCartney
9. 7 for All Mankind

It Begins and Ends in Paris
Fashion's roots are deeply woven into the landscape of the French city synonymous for style, and Paris always delivers. Some current labels beckoning Parisian influence include Courage b and Lanvin. Whether looking for a light-weight blouse perfect from spring to fall or a jacket with good lines, these brands hit the scene with flair.

A universal piece of fashion, namely the dress, embodies the quintessential Parisian stamp in floral and delicate fabrics. Lanvin's fall 2015 line features an exquisite floral brocade and is embellished with a modern elegance when paired with the label's fierce metallic neutral accessories. Connected with classic styling and colors, the metallic adds a polished, new sheen without screaming for attention. 

COURAGE b has a more sophisticated line that features it's crazy popular light duster jacket to take casual Friday up to the next level. They have a range of women's designer clothing from dresses to cashmere tops that go perfect with Lanvin's major fall attraction, the leather skirt. Happy hour gets grown up in this cashmere creation. Shop their website at http://www.courageb.com

On the other hand, Lanvin offers a beautiful leather midi sure to please any conservative femme fatale- see it at  http://store.lanvin.com/us/women/new-arrivals for inspiration and upcoming new looks.

Denim Never Goes Out of Style
One sure-fire choice of the fashion-forward is none other than denim. From everyday jeans to fair weather jean jackets, denim leads the way into transitional pieces that never go out of style. When thinking denim, one of the hottest brands in 2015 is 7 for All Mankind. This label has remained on the scene in recent years with their ability to become the go-to jean for the fashion darling. For an edgier denim look, check out this brand at your local retailer or online. This solid company offers trendier cuts for curvy types and models alike. ( http://www.7forallmankind.com)

Command with Color
While neutrals are always in style and a closet staple, seasonal and color trends add that extra pop necessary to make any outfit a complete ensemble. Check out Fendi for some inspiring looks. Also, be sure to stay up-to-date on the "it" colors for the season. These can be incorporated as statement accessories like scarves, purses, bracelets or even shoes. Nothing says quite as much about a lady as her shoes!

For fall, Fendi showcases strong lines with color combinations of dramatic red and black or plum paired with orange. The straight lines enhance the serious silhouettes to create a modern city look. Fendi's flavor is evident at http://www.fendi.com/us/woman/fall-winter-2015-16/pre-fall.html where this powerhouse designer can be found.

Urban Street Style
With the explosion of street style dominating the fashion scene, runways are flooded with couture designs inspired by urban settings. Alexander Wang infuses this urban feel into his pieces that produce a modern appeal with dramatic necklines. His work is mainly dominated with neutral black, enticing urban appeal in each look. Accessorizing with bold color can enhance such modern looks and make the outfit truly yours. ( http://www.alexanderwang.com)

Marc by Marc Jacobs exudes endless style through casual elegance. Simple lines and coveted navy neutrals are an ever-present backdrop at his shows. Classic shirtdresses and jumpers grab your attention with simple belts to complete the look. Bold prints in black and white also add a young vibe to classic styling. Check out http://www.marcjacobs.com/women/marc-jacobs/ready-to-wear/ to witness the merging of the feminine and edgy woman.

You're Only as Old as You Feel
Moving right along to Juicy Couture where age is just a number. Previously known for their dominance in high-end velour track sets, Juicy is blossoming into a more fashionable brand beyond the embellished tee and continuing their youthful spirit into trendy clothing for teens to thirty-somethings. Fuschia remains the flagship color identifying the label. 

And last, but not least, is the youthful spirit matured into the strong modern woman with Stella McCartney. McCartney's pieces feature neutral colors blended into bold prints for a captivating effect. Dresses are also available in a plethora of shapes from simple and classic to unique and modern. Necklines range from off-the-shoulder to single strap. ( http://www.stellamccartney.com/us)

Why Are These Brands So Hot?
Perhaps one reason these brands are heating up this year is their connection to today's woman. While trends come and go, today's woman seems to be establishing herself as a woman of style instead of a leader of the "look of the day." What's in now, may never see the light of day again, so wise women are making better investments in the market and on the racks. 

Take Michael Kor's longevity and incorporate Stella McCartney's attitude of edginess to shake up the perfect fashion cocktail. In today's world, the only rule of fashion is that there are no rules in fashion. White can be worn all year and is no longer limited to the warmer months and left to hibernate all winter. And what about mixing prints, you may ask. While there is definitely a knack for perfecting this, mixing prints is a definite 'do!' 

Another aspect of these labels killing it on the fashion scene is the current fashion forecast. Denim is making strides like never before with the infusion of festival season and the southwest awakening. Aztec prints in muted hues add a depth that only denim can hold true to heart. A little lace and whimsy unfolds and can be seen as a top or various accessories to customize this look. And while the festival goer exhales youth, freedom, and fun this same young woman can also work it in the career world.

And this is where the other labels hit their stride. Lanvin's leather skirt is the perfect foundation for Courage b's floral cashmere sweater paired with a bootie or ballet flat depending on your department or destination. And almost all labels feature dresses in classic shapes including the figure-flattering wrap. The wrap dress is a closet staple and has been updated in so many ways through color, print and pattern choices.

Remember denim and midi skirts this year. The maxi and mini have been everywhere, but their middle sibling is making waves and rising to shore. Ms. Midi is without a doubt the most flattering and universal cut for most females. This skirt can be soft and flowing or full of texture and attitude. From leather to cotton, this skirt needs to be the new staple in every fashionista's closet. 

In terms of staples, let's get back to the basics and that's denim. 7 For All Mankind believes the skinny is here to stay. And this feel-good jean cut pairs great with flats and the increasingly popular suede or leather bootie. A dark, indigo wash can add an evening vibe to any pair of skinnies, while a white-washed pair adds a casual, light-hearted spirit to a fringed top or floral tunic. And speaking of fringe, fringe is on the scene- you know what I mean? The love and feel of all things summer transitions into fall with the accessory of fringe. Elements of this can be found in the hem of shirts, details on boots and earrings, as well as embellished purses and handbags. 

When the cool winds begin to blow in again, and we're all thinking of those beautiful leaves, it's time to begin thinking about the new additions to our wardrobes. When that time arrives, keep in mind this year's top 10 brands that are killing it right now.


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