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7 Fall Fashion Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

August 11, 2015

This fall, red carpet fashion is taking a turn towards the decadent, with an over-the-top richness that hasn't been seen in some seasons. It should make for an exciting blend of forward thinking and flashbacks (here, think Victorian era as well as the ever-present 80's) as temperatures drop this fall.

Read on to learn about 7 fall fashion trends you absolutely won't want to miss enjoying as the year continues.

1. Cashmere sweaters.
Cashmere - so soft, so luxurious - is a staple of this fall's fashion wardrobe. This rarest and most decadent of all wools comes from the downy under-fir of the Kashmir goat, itself a relatively rare species.

The history of cashmere itself dates back all the way to the 10th century in faraway lands such as Mongolia, China and Tibet. Cashmere is surprisingly durable and hardy despite being incredibly delicate, which just lends to its allure.

This fall's cashmere comes not just in accessories (hats, scarves) and trimmings (collars, lapels) but in full length dresses, coats, sweaters, turtlenecks, ponchos, dusters and other staples of cool weather couture. From boxy, structured cuts to long, flowing wraps and tie-front cropped sweater-jackets, cashmere sweaters are everywhere keeping us warm and stylish this fall.

- Check out these designers: Cupcakes and Cashmere, Courage b, Jason Wu, Celine.

2. Inspired by royal interior decor.
If you have ever walked into a poshly decorated boudoir with rich accent fabrics and trimmings and vibrant colors and patterns, you are already visualizing the juxtaposition of fall fashion's exotic fabrics. And with this juxtaposition, the field is wide open to mix and match patterns and fabrics whether they happen to match or not.

From old school Victorian royalty to timeless Moroccan weaves, the thick, lush, warm and plush designs you will see on this fall's couture runway will keep you from feeling winter's chill, but they won't keep you out of the limelight.

Surprisingly, you will also see a healthy spattering of what are being called "winter florals" - rich, regal colors like teal, blood red, burnt orange, deep purple, pale lilac and others set against a stark black backdrop.

- Check out these designers: Antonio Berardi, Duro Olowu, Tory Burch, Marques Almeida, Mary Katrantzou, Burberry Prorsum, Erdem.

3. Faux (and sometimes real) fur.
PETA advocates be warned - it's not all faux fur on the red carpet this fall season. Real fur is slowly but surely making its way back into the fashion mainstream, at times in full and at other times as accents.

Expect to see lamb, fox, mink and even sable on everything from coats and evening gowns to lingerie and accessories. Some fur is dyed while others are presented au naturel. In coats, shearling (a sheep that has only been shorn once) is still a huge draw for fashionistas who want wearable warmth in the bitter cold. Faux fur also continues forward as a staple of couture fashion and provides a very wearable alternative to the real thing.

- Check out these designers: Prada, Proenza Schouler, Jason Wu, Phillip Lim, Public School, Prabal Gurung, Michael Kors, Coach, Karen Walker.

4. Solid colors.....from head to heels.
Here, the fall trend is to wear one single solid color - all over. Black and brown are featured heavily as well as deep forest green and even ivory (or "winter cream"). From hosiery and footwear to hats and accessories, two pieces, three pieces and one pieces, expect solids to play a big part in this fall to winter's fashion transition.

Here, patterns are not off-limits, but the most effective ensembles shy away from see-through or cut-out patterns (i.e. showing some skin) in favor of inset patterns and designs.

- Check out these designers: Vera Wang, Alexander Wang, Ralph Lauren, Christopher Kane, Peter Pilotto, Dion Lee, Mulberry.

5. Going long on winter outerwear.
Coats this season are getting longer.....and longer. From longline blazers to floor length dusters (the kind you need skyscraper heeled boots to pull off) to oversize cuts, big and long are the words of the day for winter outerwear.

From straight line to a-line, belted to buttoned, no collar to oversized lapels, this fall's outerwear will lead us right into winter without even breathing hard. Fashionistas living or traveling in areas hit with early cold fronts and snows will especially appreciate this winter-friendly fall trend.

- Check out these designers: Public School, Karen Walker, Calvin Klein, Isa Arfen, J. Crew, Polo (Ralph Lauren), Creatures of Comfort.

6. Surprising skirts (cut in all the right places).
This fall's skirt collections are all about daring combined with subtlety. For example, in what is being termed the "car wash skirt" collection, skirt hemlines are sliced vertically into equal sized chunks up to mid-thigh or higher, showing a dash or a flash of skin but leaving the rest to fancy or chance.

Side-slit skirts are featuring a splash of neon or an interesting inset pattern to draw the eye towards where skin meets fabric. Many skirts seem to have either an 80's slant (neon with boxy cuts) or a pointillistic perspective (tiny dots or patterns you almost need a magnifying glass to make out), which just adds to their visual appeal. Nothing like showing some skin and still having other reasons for wanting to look closer!

- Check out these designers: Oscar de la Renta,Delpozo, Christian Dior, J. Crew, Milly, LaQuan Smith.

7. Oversized "statement" accessories.
Earrings in particular are making their presence felt this fall season, but certainly the arena isn't confined to earrings alone. The key with this fall fashion trend is to pick your battles and err on the side of one standout "statement" accessory.

Or you can have a matched set of accessories (here it would seem the trends are swinging back in favor of accessories matching accessories once more, even if matching accessories to the outfit continues to be optional).

- Check out these designers: Isa Arfen, Tibi, Rosie Assoulin, Chanel.

A Recap: Fashion to Watch for This Fall
Preparing for the fall fashion season is best accomplished by ensuring you have at least one "staple" piece from each major trend you can enjoy wearing and showing off. Depending on the weather in your area, you can tailor your closet to the trends that work best (snow climates will be eager for cashmere and shearling, while tropical climates might lean towards breezy "car wash" skirts and "statement" accessories).

The solid color trend is probably the easiest fall trend to pull off without even dipping into your clothing budget for something new! But you can't go wrong with mixing and matching vibrant, decadent separates either, whether your ultimate style goal is the unforgettable 70's and 80's or the royal Victorian era.

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