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5 Clothing Staples Every Fashion Conscious Woman Should Have

August 18, 2015

They say the clothes make the man. This is doubly true for women. Women have more choices available to them, thus more things to say about themselves. Your clothes tell other people important things about you before you ever open your mouth. If you want to be taken seriously in life, make sure your clothes speak well of you.

1. A Great Handbag

For most women, their handbag is the equivalent of a man's briefcase. A good quality handbag that holds all that you need it to hold, keeps it organized, and helps you get through the day effectively is not just a fashion accessory. It is a real asset to help you manage your life. Make sure you treat it with the respect it deserves. Don't let it get to worn looking. A tattered and torn bag that has seen better days does not speak well of you. Make sure to replace it and upgrade it at least once a year, more often if your life is very hard on your bags.

Although some women change their bag almost as often as they change their outfit, this can make a woman look flighty. It can make her look like she has nothing better to do. If you have better things to do than move all your important items to different high fashion purses every day, then choosing the right handbag is an important event. A good quality handbag should be one you think about seriously, choose carefully, and are willing to spend a reasonable sum of money on.

A well chosen, classic bag or even quirky signature look that is all yours should readily serve you on a daily basis without being changed out for daily wear. Of course, it is appropriate to have other purses for coordinating with special occasion wear. No matter how great the bag, a regular bag just won't pair properly with a ball gown or wedding attire. For those occasions, go ahead and get a special bag just for that special occasion. The rest of the time, carry one great bag that helps you accomplish all the important things you need to do in life and look great doing them.

If you aren't sure what kind of bag you need, a classic leather clutch in a neutral color is a good bet. It can go with anything and look good doing so. It sometimes will even work well with evening wear.

2. A Few Good Dresses

Formal wear is generally done in a style of a previous era. Thus, these days, any dress reads as just a little bit old fashioned. This means that if you want to be taken seriously, you really should have a few good designer dresses in your wardrobe. They will immediately read as more formal and serious than the skirt and top equivalent. It will immediately signal you that you are the right kind of people and a force to be taken seriously.

A classic, conservative cut of dress can be excellent office wear or just the thing to wear when meeting with your banker or anyone with whom you need to have a serious conversation. Make sure to wear a bit of a heel with it. You don't necessarily want a high heel, but flats will not show off a dress to its best advantage. This is a basic expectation.

For other occasions, something trendy and au courant can be just the thing to say what you want to say about yourself. Make sure people know you keep up with the news, you are aware of what is going on the world, and you haven't lost touch. This is the subtle way to say that without ever opening your mouth. It is a form of female power play. Do not underestimate how useful it can be to have a trendy dress as part of the lexicon of your clothing vocabulary.

We have the expression "little black dress" for a reason. If you cannot quite decide where to start, a little black dress in a classic style is a great first choice. A second dress that is trendier should be your second choice.

3. A Mix of Classic and Fashion Forward Tops

Every woman should have a few classic, conservative tops, such as cashmere sweaters and silk blouses. These are standard fare and can be counted upon to send the right signals. They go pair well with the right skirts, pants and sometimes even dresses. They are comfortable and make you look great.

However, do not forget to have some trendier pieces in your selection of tops. Tops tend to be one of the more affordable elements of a wardrobe. They also tend to wear out relatively quickly. They need to be washed frequently and this can really take its toll.

Thus, tops are more fleeting elements of your wardrobe. This makes them an area where you want to be more on top of trends and have a few options that are more trendy than classy. It will give you a great deal of flexibility.

This means you can use this area to be more playful. You can take more chances. You can express your personality a bit. You can try things out and see what works for you. Classic tops should be a staple of every woman's wardrobe. Trendy tops should also be a staple. You never know which new thing will become a fast friend and your new old faithful.

Make sure to have at least one silk blouse. Then grab something eye catching of a sort you haven't had before. You won't regret being playful here.

4. Excellent Pants

Pants give a woman options for a full and active life that didn't exist in previous eras. However, it is still important for them to look good and fit well. Designer pants with classic styling in classic colors are always an asset, but make sure you know what looks good on you as an individual. Taller women especially need to make sure the cut doesn't leave them looking like their pants shrank in the wash cycle. Check your look thoroughly in a full length mirror if possible. A three-way mirror is better still for gauging if it looks right from all directions.

An excellent pair of pants should be comfortable and fit properly. They shouldn't be too tight. They shouldn't bind when you try to move. They should have usable pockets. They should have quality detailing, such as real bone or wood buttons and zippers that stay shut. A lady doesn't want to accidentally discover she is giving the world an eyeful because her garments didn't stay buttoned up or zipped up.

Under the right circumstance, a nice pair of leather pants can be a great statement piece. Obviously, leather pants are not office wear. However, the office is not the only place where you want to dress to impress. Sometimes, there are other situations where you want to impress people in all the right ways. Leather pants can be just the right mix of respectability and sizzle to win the kind of attention you are seeking.

With the right jacket, pants can become a suit and part of a serious wardrobe. Without a jacket, they can be more playful, more carefree. A good pair of wool pants in winter or linen pants in summer makes a great wardrobe staple.

5. An Awesome Jacket

Jackets can be tricky to choose, but a good jacket is absolutely a wardrobe essential. They can be a power dressing move while pretending to just be intended to keep you warm.

A great jacket should have coloring that really flatters your natural coloring. It should play well with the rest of your outfit while somewhat standing on its own. It should be appropriate to the situation. Some situations call for a sporty jacket. Others call for a more designer jacket.

This second layer is one many women get wrong. Just as handbags require a bit of extra thought, so do designer jackets. They really are important pieces and what they say about you speaks volumes.

A good jacket will have quality details. It will not be too out of date. It will be something that fits you well. The shoulder seam should hit right at your shoulder. It should come with extra buttons. It can be a plain solid color or it can have a pattern. Patterned jackets will generally pair better with plain outfits. Plain jackets are generally more flexible, but the right patterned jacket can be a statement piece that really turns heads and sets you apart from the crowd. It can really get all eyes on you the minute you enter a room or are spotted from a distance on the street.

If you choose carefully, your jacket can pair with your classic pants for a suit look. A suit is always a staple of a power dressing wardrobe.

Remember to have fun with it. Fashion says important things about you, but you should also enjoy your clothes.

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