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7 Horrible Fashion Mistakes You're Making With Your Wardrobe

September 08, 2015

Are you a woman who loves to get dressed up? Do you always want to look your best no matter where you are going? If you love to look beautiful, then follow our guide of the seven mistakes many women make with their wardrobes. You don't have to spend all of your hard-earned money on high fashion dresses and women's accessories. You don't have to invest in designer clothes for women. With a little research and planning, you can create sweet and stylish outfits that keep you off the "worst dressed" list wherever you may go. Here's what you need to know to make the perfect picks from your closet:

Mistake #1: Wearing a Belt Too High on Your Torso

When you wear a belt -- wide or skinny -- too high on your torso, instead of at the appropriate place on your waist, then you will give your body the look of being pregnant. Unless you are expecting, you really want to avoid this look. If the belt is too close beneath your breast line, then move it down a few inches closer to your waistline. In the same way, wearing a belt too low below your waistline will give your torso the appearance of being elongated. This can look good on some people, but it also depends on your height and the length of your torso. Always be aware of the placement of your belt.

Mistake #2: Purchasing Petite Dresses When You're Not Petite

Sometimes women who are a small size -- such as a 0, 2 or 4 -- and who are on the cusp of a petite height also can easily wear petite sizes. However, petite sizes made to fit the frames of women who are five feet and four inches and under. If you are on the edge of this height, you can try petite sizes. However, make sure the dress isn't too short and that the dress doesn't cut off your torso. These are too common problems with regular-sized women wearing petite sizes.

Mistake #3: Wearing Clunky Necklaces Under Your Collar

While wearing clunky costume jewelry necklaces beneath a crisp shirt collar once was in style, now it's fading quickly. This fall, avoid placing those necklaces beneath your shirt collar. Instead, try them with a simple sheath dress. Consider a longer, lighter necklace for your collared shirts.

Mistake #4: Wearing Your Skirts Too Short or Too Long

You want to feel as comfortable as possible when you are wearing a skirt, so the first rule of thumb when testing out a skirt is to sit down in it in from of a mirror. Can you cross your legs? Is the fabric stretched snuggly across your thighs to the point it make the skirt look too small? Can you bend over without bearing it all? You want to make sure your short skirts are in fact just short enough without creating any of theses problems. In the same light, you want to make sure your skirts are not too long based upon your frame. For example, if you are a petite woman, then a tea-length skirt is going to make you look shorter and stockier than a skirt that hits right at your knee.

Mistake #5: Purchasing Sizes That Are Too Big

The oversize look is still in style, but you want to make sure you are not purchasing your loose and flowing clothing too big. You can pull this outfit off when your clothing is just a size above your normal size. You don't want your coat arms dwarfing your hands or your sweater falling off the sides of your shoulder, for example.

Mistake #6: Donning Too Much Bling

Bling can be fun and gorgeous, but too much sparkling jewelry can be overkill. Pick your pieces wisely. If you are wearing a loud pair of earrings, then go more lightly on your necklace. Wear a sparkly chunky bracelet, and make that your sole statement piece. You get the idea. Less is more when it comes to jewelry pairings that only light up the darkness!

Mistake #7: Letting Your Underwear Play Peek-a-Boo

You can have the most gorgeous designer duds, but if you are showing off your underwear with them, then you might as well not put any effort into it. Invest in the right undergarment items for your outfits. If you're going with a strapless dress, then invest in a good strapless bra. If you have an outfit that is slightly see-through, then consider wearing a camisole or slip. Invest in a convertible bra that lets you adapt the undergarment to fit different dresses and shirts.

Are you ready to dazzle? Keep our handy guide in mind as you put together your best outfits. Avoid these seven wardrobe malfunctions, and you'll be on your way to getting compliments from everyone you meet. It takes just a little time and practice to put together the perfect outfit, no matter your budget.

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