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September 30, 2015

fashion trends

For fashionistas who simply must have the latest luxurious looks, there are 15 new up-and-coming fashion trends on the horizon that you won't want to miss. By becoming an "early adopter" of these new incoming trends, you will have the enjoyment of watching others in your wider circles begin to emulate your signature style. Browse through these 15 up-and-coming fashion trends and pick your favorites!

Trend #1: Back to the Future

Being truly fashionably timeless requires not just referencing the classics of old but wrapping in the present and future as well. In London, fall fashions are taking a decidedly futuristic turn, with bold block colors in boxy patterns over black or white backgrounds - shape-shifting from yesterday and today into tomorrow with effortless, form-fitting grace.

Trend #2: Glitterati on Display

Forget understated elegance - it would seem high fashion is starting to celebrate the holidays early this year with an abundance of sparkly, shiny fabrics over or underlaid with lace, rich fur and other lush accents.

Trend #3: Comfy, Shiny Feet

Finally, at long last, ladies will have a chance to wear the latest in high fashion footwear that is also comfy and safe to walk in - wow! Dubbed "lady loafers" by Elle magazine, these cool shoes feature raucous patterns, bold colors and safe wedge heels!

Trend #4: Skirts with Fun Personalities.

From "car wash" pleats to flounces and flirts, the next wave of fashionable skirts and dresses features hemlines your smile will buy for you.

Trend #5: Dusting comes out of the closet.

Dusters are on the horizon - but not in the way you might think. The duster jacket is continuing to rock runways in a slow but steady evolution that pairs perfectly with the "high fashion comfort" theme that seems so "in" this season.

Trend #6: Power grey.

For reasons too obvious to point out, " power grey" is coming into its own in a big way in the months ahead. In one of the season's few monochromatic style offerings, you will find power grey in every, well, shade available - as well as in every luxurious fabric under the sun.

Trend #7: Bombs away!

The bomber jacket is paired with combat boots for a winter look that is both weather- and bullet-proof. This incredible combo will pair well with nearly any look from its basic black beginnings.

Trend #8: The Return of the Flare

At one time they may have been called "bell bottoms." But today, the red carpet welcomes these classics in a new incarnation dubbed " the flare." From ultra-casual jeans to executive office slacks, the flare look easily accommodates both winter's boots and spring's sandals - and just about anything else you'd like to pair with them.

Trend #9: Rotating ears.

If you can think back fondly to the time when wearing two different kinds of earrings - one in each ear - was hot, you'll be raring to go in the next few months as couture on down welcomes the " statement earring" (as in, deliberately singular). With one big earring and one spare ear, you can always swap it back and forth if you choose a heavier style.

Trend #10: Carry it all in style.

Another happily stylish yet practical twist comes to us in the form of the "carry all" bag - a shoulder bag big enough for everything the stylish gal needs for a whole day away but still light enough to carry with ease.

Trend #11: These aren't your momma's hosiery.

Call them "hose," call them "tights," call them anything that feels right, but they are coming back to us with funky new colors and styles, in big boned knits and silky soft sheens, to be paired with long and short styles alike.

Trend #12: Party like it is 1970.

Today's futurists meet up with those nostalgic for the funky 70's and discover an epic fashion mashup in the making. With new names and new twists on old classics, the denim, fluff and fringe makes friends with the flare, the flirt and the fashionably glittery for a look uniquely its own.

Trend #13: Leather forever.

Leather and faux (plus occasionally real) fur is making a comeback as well - and just in time for the chilly temperatures to arrive!

Trend #14: The modern Victorian.

If you love a good Victorian romance, now you can dress the part with a modern update to this timelessly classic look. High necklines, high waists, rich and intricate fabrics give you that royal appeal.

Trend #15: The Pan-cultural prototype.

As our wide, wide world becomes increasingly small, different cultures come together to collaborate on eye-popping fashions that factor us all in.

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