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October 19, 2015

With so many options available for different materials, styles, patterns and brands at numerous stores found everywhere, some people wonder why anyone would choose to buy designer clothing when you can easily find a similar knockoff item for a much lower price. Contrary to popular belief, purchasing designer clothing is not always all about the impression that the designer label leaves others with and being able to say "I can afford to treat myself." Here are five incredibly good reasons that people do (and should) choose the designer labels over cheap knockoffs. 

1. You Radiate Confidence and Success

We all know that when we believe we look good, we feel good. Well, this is the beginning of a rather large snowball effect. When you look good, you feel good; when you feel good, it shows. You tend to walk around with an air of confidence that nothing and no one can take away from you. Those who show more confidence are proven to be more likely to already be, or become, successful and happy in all areas of their life. Everyone feels good in designer clothing. The designer clothes amplify that air of confidence and, therefore, success. Whether you are already confident, successful and where you want to be, or you are on your way there, designer clothing and accessories gives everyone the impression that you are confident, in control and ready to succeed at whatever you choose to set your mind to.

2. The Quality is Well Worth the Price

When you see someone wearing designer clothes, you know that their shirt, pants, purse, other article of clothing or accessory is undoubtedly well made. All of the best designers pay painstakingly close attention to everything, even the tiniest of details. They choose materials that are durable, comfortable and look fantastic. The stitching in everything is as close to perfection as possible. Designer clothing is specifically created to stand the test of time. If you look closely, you can see how much thought was put into it and how well put together each and every article of clothing is.

Even better- when you wear designer clothing, you can feel it. You can feel how well made, comfortable and truly luxurious it really is. Designer clothing costs more because they choose to use finer materials and meticulously construct each detail in order to give you that luxurious feel of quality, confidence and success. When you buy designer clothing, you're not just paying for a label with a nice reputation, you are paying for the hard work, creativity and quality they put into everything that they make.

3. Designer Clothing Is Considered to be Collectable

There are so many different qualities of designer clothing that gives some people a burning desire to collect it. From the quality with which it is made to the uniqueness and genuine creativity of the designer, why wouldn't you want to collect these trendsetting items at the forefront of fashion? Some people choose to collect handbags, shoes or accessories from a particular line. These people tend to prefer designer products for their quality; they want something that will last for years to come and they know where to go for the reliable durability that they desire.

Also, many name brand designers like to create limited edition clothing, handbag, shoe and/or accessory lines. These lines are particularly unique, offering you the possibility of being one of the few lucky people who get to wear these items. Limited edition items are even more likely to begin a trend. Due to their limited availability and high demand, other brands and labels are likely to follow the footsteps of a name brand. If you buy the items straight from the limited edition, you will be able to say that you have a true original.

4. Today's Designer Items are the Heirlooms of Tomorrow

If you find an old, plain white t-shirt from the 1960's at a thrift store or a place like Goodwill, you're not likely to be excited. Chances are, you will walk by without a second glance, never even knowing it was from the sixties. However, if you were to find a genuine Victorian era corset, a flappers dress from the 1920's or bellbottoms from the 1970's, you're likely to be more excited. Many people would at least consider buying them.

These articles of clothing are the kinds of things that young girls, women and even some med alike want to find in their mother's closet, their grandmothers garage or the great grandmothers attic. Twenty years from now, no one is going to be excited over the Wal-Mart brand dress in your closet, the faded, ripped jeans from Goodwill in your bottom drawer or your off-brand old tennis shoes under a table in the corner. No, what people will want to find and will find interesting are the trendsetting accessories, limited edition lines and high quality, top end, iconic styles created by the best designers of today.

5. You are Supporting Creative Thinkers, Creators and Their Ideas

When you choose to purchase designer clothing, you are supporting an artist. A clothing designer is an artist just as any painter, sketcher, graphic designer or performer is an artist. Clothing designers choose decorative beads, sequins and patterns as their paint, cloth materials as their canvas and a sowing needle as their paint brush. Fashion designers are constantly challenged to think outside of the box in order to create the next big thing of the fashion industry. They sometimes have to choose to do something crazy, unexpected and different. When they choose to do so, they risk judgment by their peers, their coworkers and customers across the country or even around the world.

When you purchase their clothing, you are saying "Hello, I like what you did and I appreciate all of your hard work and the chances you take. In fact, I like what you did so much that I am going to buy it, I'm going to wear it and I'm going to show others that I support you and what you do." If you appreciate artwork in other areas; such as painting, furniture, beautiful architecture or a stunning musical performance, you are likely to appreciate the creativity that a fashion designer brings to their work (your clothing) every single day. Whether you choose to purchase designer clothing for the feeling of confidence, the quality, collectability, future heirlooms, or the creativity, just know that you are getting all of that and so much more.

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