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High Fashion Designer Clothing

Discover the exquisite designer clothing of COURAGE b, where every detail is a lesson in luxury

The art of style is part of the everyday experience at COURGE b. Specializing in high fashion clothing for the world’s best-dressed women, our unique blend of flattering silhouettes, luxury fabrics and lavish details create one-of-a-kind looks to set you apart with distinction.

COURAGE b’s high fashion clothing takes its cues from both the classic and contemporary, and is imbued with the French inspirations our designer Noeime Goureau is famous for. Coveted and collected by our loyal clientele, each piece showcases Noeime’s expertise in elegance and ladylike glamour.

Capture the room’s attention with our legendary designer dresses for lunching and brunching. Fashioned in airy fabrics for beautiful flow, these sought after dresses create a mood that’s both sentimental and striking.

Show off your love of dramatic style with our gorgeous selection of trendsetting tops. Their eye-catching charm earns you accolades whether the setting is casual or refined.

Bring soft sophistication to your outings with the city-chic allure of COURAGE b’s designer cashmere sweaters. Available in vivid prints as well as solids, they beautifully express your fondness for the finer things in life.

Add the perfect pop of color to your look with our signature duster. Designed in a wonderfully smooth knit fabric with lovely draping and a cascading hem, this essential layering piece is the perfect combination of class and beauty.

Flatter your figure with the slimming look of our designer pants and skirts. Created to smooth and support, our bottoms shape your best silhouette with premium fabrics and meticulous construction.

Make the moment gorgeous with COURAGE b’s designer handbags featuring our COURAGE bag and accessories. Their brilliant charm instantly transforms any outfit into an unforgettable ensemble

The next time you shop for designer clothing online, make COURAGE b your first destination for luxury. Breathtaking, statement making, incredibly captivating, you’ll always find the perfect pieces your closet has been craving.

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