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Women’s Designer Jackets 

Create The Ultimate Expression Of Glamour With COURAGE b’s Designer Jackets

Elegance is an attitude. And you wear it exceptionally well with COURAGE b’s extraordinary collection of women’s designer jackets. Made for everyday occasions as well as settings that are formal and refined, our high fashion jackets place you at the height of glamour with premium quality fabrics and lavish details.

Designed by the world renowned Noemie Goureau, her love of singular styling reflects her expertise in French inspired apparel and accessories. With each high fashion jacket carefully arranged with her personal touches, you can expect an exclusive, one-of-a-kind look that will create an ensemble that’s uniquely yours.

Sought after by the world’s most elegant women, our exquisite linen jackets set themselves apart with dramatic details and flattering lengths that shape your best silhouette.

Adored by our distinguished clientele, our faux leather and vegan leather jackets bring striking sophistication to your special events with a wealth of eye-catching allure.

Coveted and collected by career women, our modern blazer-style jackets offer superb stitching accents and beautiful tailoring to put you ahead of the curve.

Loved for their lush coloring, our signature duster jackets bring easy charm to an endless variety of your favorite outfits. Designed in a wonderfully smooth knit with lovely draping and a cascading hem, these essential layering pieces are the perfect combination of beauty and elegance. 

The epitome of class and good taste, when you start with a designer jacket from COURAGE b, everything else falls into place.


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