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Designer Clothes For Women

When was the last time you experienced true luxury?

When you shop COURAGE b’s incredible collection of designer clothes for women, you will be indulging in world class fabrics, one-of-a-kind details, and striking silhouettes that capture the room’s attention. Quite simply, COURAGE b is the epitome of chic.

Launched in 2009 by siblings Stephanie Menkin and Nicolas Goureau, COURAGE b’s high fashion clothing is exclusively designed by their mother, Noemie Goureau. With over 40 years of exceptional experience, Noemie’s expertise in French inspired design has made her a legend among the world’s best-dressed women.

A beautiful blend of classic and contemporary, COURAGE b’s high fashion clothing makes the moment gorgeous. From the moment you slip into our exquisite creations you’ll feel:

  • Rich and radiant with our luxury luxury handbags' and fashion accessories’ ability to instantly transform any outfit into a stunning ensemble.
  • Luxurious and lovely with our designer dresses' premium knits, rich coloring and flattering lines. These special looks are truly what becomes a lady most.
  • Elegant and alluring with our cashmere sweaters' supremely soft feel. Designed in vivid prints as well as solids, they beautifully express your fondness for the finer things in life.
  • Slim and striking with our high fashion pants’ and skirts’ talent for shaping your best silhouette. Created to smooth and support, you’ll be amazed with their meticulous construction.
  • Chic and trendsetting with our signature duster. Designed in a wonderfully smooth knit fabric with lovely draping and a cascading hem, this essential layering piece is the perfect combination of class and sophistication.
  • Bold and beautiful with the unique look of our statement-making jackets. Made for everyday moments as well as those that are formal and refined, these collector’s pieces place you at the height of glamour.

When only a statement of true luxury will do, COURAGE b’s high style fashions will set you apart with distinction.